Sacrament of Marriage




Greetings to the prospective Bride & Groom!

We congratulate you on your decision to enter into a Catholic Marriage. We will endeavor to help you in your preparation for marriage and to make this step a holy and happy one.

Your engagement period will involve much preparation and planning regarding the practical details necessary for a wedding to be celebrated in the Church. In keeping with the seriousness of the occasion and with reverence for the Sacrament of marriage, the Church follows a certain procedure in preparation for your union in Christ. Some of these procedures and details are listed below as help for both the priest and the couple in the planning of their wedding and their marriage.

Spiritual preparation for your marriage must be included as well. Frequent participation and celebration of the Sacraments, especially during this time is important, particularly weekly attendance at Mass. I strongly suggest that you avail yourselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation through frequent Confession. The engagement period can be a particularly trying time, and this Sacrament as well as weekly Mass attendance will be a great source of God’s strength in addition to offering some good solid spiritual direction for both partners during a period of much growth and maturity.

          Before wedding arrangements can be made, couples must make an appointment through the parish office to speak with Fr. Sauriol. These meetings are scheduled after any of the weekend Masses. We ask that you please do not show up unannounced. Wedding arrangements are made at least one year prior to your intended marriage date.


Prior to any wedding arrangements being made, a bride or groom must be a registered member in good standing in the parish for a minimum of one year and contributed to its support. Fr. Sauriol will not accept brides or grooms who register at the parish for the sole purpose of being married at ST MARY CHURCH or for “using” the Church.

A bride or groom who has moved away and whose parents are registered members in good standing of the parish and who regularly contribute to the support of St. Mary’s will receive due consideration.


  • The Sacrament of marriage usually takes place within the context of the Mass if both parties are Catholics and regularly attend Mass.
  • Marriages of mixed religions take place in the context of a marriage ceremony.
  • Friday weddings are scheduled at 3pm.
  • Saturday weddings are scheduled at 2pm.
  • Fr. Sauriol is not available for Sunday weddings.
  • All questions regarding your wedding, after your initial appointment with Fr. Sauriol, are to be directed to our Wedding Coordinator, Kyle Medeiros after any of the weekend masses or at
  • If either the future bride or groom has ever been divorced, an annulment from the Catholic Church must be obtained.
  • If you do not have an annulment we will not accept your request for a date.
  • Registered active parishioners are asked to  first contact Fr. Sauriol for available dates before booking a reception hall.  We will be happy to discuss your options ahead of time in the hopes of avoiding conflicts and disappointments in scheduling .  This courtesy is given to our regular active parishioners.